Amy Booth – Owner and Teacher

“I believe everyone has the right to feel happy and healthy.”

Involved in the fitness industry since 1998, Amy is a qualified group exercise instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor.  Amy has completed training in aqua aerobic, pilates matwork and reformer, pre and post natal exercise, exercise for rehab, personal training, boxing, Zumba and TRX suspension. She is also a level 2 attuned Reiki practitioner, Zen Thai Shiatsu trained and a Marma Massage therapist.

Amy’s early life involved a lot of movement, playing lots of different sports and competing in various styles of dancing including Ballet, Physical Culture, Ballroom, Latin American and Sports Aerobics.

The addition of yoga to Amy’s repertoire has special significance. After years in the fitness industry, it became evident to Amy that there was more to being “fit” than just the physical.

“While strong physically, I was searching for something to develop my mental and emotional strength and then I discovered yoga.”

Looking back at her youth, without any formal instruction or knowledge of the practices just a deep intuition, Amy used breathing, visualisation and meditation to cope with childhood migraines and depression. This trust led her to complete yoga teacher training in the magical Baja Peninsular in Mexico with Yandara Yoga Institute. The 200 hour intensive course blended Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, learning from ten different teachers from all over the world, with different backgrounds, styles and ages, including Reiki masters, astrologers and musicians. This course changed Amy’s life on so many different levels and she feels great joy sharing these learnings everyday.

Amy’s classes are an exploration of breath, body and being. Ground the energy within and feel a sense of lightness and love.

Margaret Francis-Cairns – Teacher

Marg comes to the teaching of yoga with total commitment and dedication to home practice of Asana and Pranayama along with the passing on of knowledge to all who are open and receptive. She has absolute belief in the benefits of yoga to people of all ages and an intention to focus her teaching particularly on the older generation, the ‘Forest Dwellers’, those of us aged 50 years and over.

With a career in banking, Marg came to yoga through a chance encounter with the opening of a local yoga school which has now morphed into Amber Tree Yoga. Here she still takes regular classes. She discovered back then a passion which led to her first visit to India, home of yoga, on a retreat with John Ogilvie and Byron Yoga in 2010. Marg returned to India visiting the north including Haridwar and Rishikesh, this experience adding to her conviction that yoga and its eight limbs were to play a vital part in her day to day life.

Marg completed her 350 hour yoga teacher training through YIMI (Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute) under the auspices of Celia Roberts and Nicole Loxley. She has taken instruction also from Flo Fenton of In Touch Yoga, Swami Muktibodhananda and Genevieve St-Cyr of Nourishing Therapies.

Her path in becoming a yoga instructor is intertwined with Amber Tree, so it is with gratitude and delight that Marg now teaches here.   Marg’s passion is sharing the immense benefits of this ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga with those who have reached a mature age perhaps without the liberation and enjoyment of a regular yoga practice. Her Amber Tree classes are fondly titled ‘Forest Dwellers and Friends’.

Tanya Zappala – Teacher

“We all have something of value to share and our knowledge and understanding of our bodies and minds are always evolving.”

Tanya has been a qualified teacher since 2004, her teachings continues to be influenced by a collective source of amazing teachers, as her commitment to being a student is lifelong journey. Her teachers come from a variety of backgrounds from both traditional and modern approaches to Yoga.

Tanya uses her understanding of anatomy and physiology to combine the ancient Indian knowledge and traditions of Vinyasa, with a modern alignment based focus. This is purposefully designed to give her students the benefits of traditional yoga within the framework of a supported, practical classroom practice. Tanya’s teachings demonstrate her commitment to practicing yoga techniques correctly in order to obtain the greatest long-term benefits for every individual.

Tanya’s classes are alignment based Vinyasa Flow. (Vinyasa = movement with breath)  These classes are designed to give the benefits of traditional yoga in a supported environment.  Variations of poses are offered to suit the level of strength and stretch suitable for your body today.

Anna Trivedi – Teacher

Anna comes from a professional background in tertiary education. Having enjoyed yoga since she was a teenager, she decided to deepen her knowledge by completing her teacher training at My Health Yoga.

“I’m a big believer in leading a balanced life and so love savasana, red wine and chocolate equally!

Undertaking classes at Amber Tree was an important part of her journey towards becoming a teacher. Her style is hatha based with plenty of options for varying abilties. At the end of her classes it is her goal that you leave feeling relaxed and grounded.
Anna is a Graceville local and mother of two young children. She enjoys keeping active in a variety of ways, including pilates, barre and Bollywood dance. But it is yoga’s beautiful union of the phy
sical and spiritual that draws her back to the mat each time. Anna is also a trained Infant Massage Instructor as well as co-author of ‘Blessed Yogi’, the first yoga inspired colouring book.

Nichola Macneil – Teacher

A mother of 3 beautiful children, a Level 1 Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Nichola completed her studies with Celia Roberts, YIMI and Annette Loudon. The practice
of Yoga and Ayurveda has brought much needed healing to her body, peace to mind and love to her heart. She qualified as a Mental Health Nurse is 2005 practicing in many areas including Child & adolescent and Dual Diagnosis. Since moving to Australia in 2012 she took a new path through Yoga and Ayurveda.

Nichola is passionate about yoga for Mental Health and Cancer, and believes it plays an important role within holistic health, bringing you to a more balanced, healthy life.

Joining together the mind, body, spirit and heart, Nichola’s classes are breath led with focus on moving the body in a way that honors yourself within the foundations of yoga – A time to breath. A time to smile. A time to let go.

She loves to study, read and is currently studying at the local Buddhist temple allowing her to deepen her own practice and that of her students. She promises to share all that she has learnt and all that she continues to learn from a place of loving kindness.

Melissa Salmon

When she took her first yoga class in 2013, Melissa realised that this was a discipline she would partake in for the rest of her life.  Most sport and fitness activities can involve an intensity of training, however yoga also offers a gentle and restorative approach for both the body and mind.

Having a heart for people and helping others, Melissa completed a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Naturopathy.  A healthy and active lifestyle of both the mind and body is a major passion for Melissa.

Good health is a beautiful blessing in life and there are endless ways to step towards this in our every day lives.

Melissa’s other hobbies include gardening (organic vegetables and much more), reading (anything and everything), patting her fur babies (one big German Shepherd and one little adopted cat), and creative sketching (every now and then!).

Meddy Teddy- Teacher

Meddy Teddy is a special part of the Amber Tree family. He enjoys long walks by the Brisbane River, meeting friends for babycinos, and spending time with the wonderful little yogis of Amber Tree!

The biggest lesson Meddy Teddy teaches kids is to be happy. As you can see from Meddy Teddy’s face, he’s always happy. If you approach everything in a positive and happy light, your outlook will change and you can do anything you set your mind to!