Individual Yoga & Meditation ($80-100)

Individualised yoga and meditation sessions enable change! This approach acknowledges the traditional teacher and student relationship of early yoga lineage, where teacher and student work side by side in developing mastery and integration of body, mind and spirit. This is a great way to work when you are wishing to focus on mastery of particular poses, recovering from illness/ injury or seeking individualised input.

Private Pilates (from $70)

Using bands, rollers, fitballs and balance cushions to improve posture and strengthen core.

Perfect for rehabilitation, pregnancy, post natal or to target specific results. Also suitable for beginners to gain a complete understanding of pilates and its principles, and for more advanced enthusiasts to provide a new challenge.

Private Yoga Classes / Corporate Yoga

We have provided private classes for workgroups, friends, hens parties, mums and toddlers and are open to most ideas! Happy to travel to central Brisbane locations if you have a suitable space to host the class.  Contact us to have a chat about what you are seeking.

Yoga for Elite Sporting Teams / Athletes

Please contact us to design a package to suit your team.

 Healing ($100/hr)

 Amy commences deep relaxation by using hands on therapy of thai yoga massage and assisted stretching. This aligns the physical body and stimulates the energetic pathways. This perfectly prepares the body for the more subtle ayurvedic marma point massage and reiki modalities to call on your own bodies amazing ability to heal and restore the emotional, energetic and spiritual self. A session will leave you feeling loved, relaxed and full of bliss.

 Contact  Amy on 0466 579708.