Restore – to bring back or re-establish. A previous right, practice or situation.

Repair back to original condition. To give something back.


I ask you, what can you restore in your life? How far have you moved from your centre, your natural state?

Can you take time out and make it priority to come back to your original condition? To give back to yourself and re-establish you?

It seems that the answer is a great big yes. From past feedback of our more nurturing or yin focused workshops, I realized that it shouldn’t be something we see as “indulgent” or as a “treat”, but rather something that becomes a routine part of our ways. No where in the definition, does is suggest “special”, “rare” or “delicacy”, so why have we in our modern world made restoration of self seem self indulgent?

I constantly feel bombarded by stimulation, both from the external world and my self-created demanding ways. Nothing dramatic, just the day to day of routine, chores, deadlines, start times and expectations of going and doing. Yoga, breath and awareness certainly help me feel more centered and calm through the day-to-day buzz of life and I don’t necessarily choose to buy into the drama of it all. But as the days tick by, I can feel my internal gauge shift away from centre. I feel myself drift away from my origin. Sometimes subtle, but always there. A little less capacity to roll with the tide. A little less space to offer myself time. A little less “me” in me.

So I turn to my mat or my journal. I try to move it out or write release. And it works. Bit by bit I smooth away the edges that have become a little jagged by the wear and tear of life. I feel lighter and I breath fuller. I look within and I am definitely returning to my original condition.

When this feels like it isn’t quite enough, if life seems to be a little more turbulent than I can float along with, I turn to my bolster. I “indulge” in me time and dedicate a bit longer to my practice. Instead of moving, I slow right down to the point of stillness. Instead of searching for words, gathering and collating, I seek silence. I don’t do anything, I just be.

And this works. This works well.

So, I find myself wondering why I wait til moving and writing doesn’t work anymore? Why do I wait to I feel the need? Why do I let myself sway so far from centre that I need to pull myself back? Why do I feel like “taking” time is something I need permission for?

For you it may be a bath, a nap or simply sitting in nature. What is it that gives back to you? Tops you up and restores your original condition?

What if I just made this part of my regular practice and maintained my optimum? What if I realized I own my own time and can choose to use it however I want? What if I gave myself time; time for me; time where time doesn’t matter?

Do you ever feel like this? Can you remove phrases like “take time”, “indulge” and “time out” from your vocabulary when talking about yourself? Instead can you “give time”, “schedule time” and have “time in” to regularly re-establish you?


Amber Tree Yoga is offering monthly restorative sessions on the last Friday of every month. 2 hours of time in to, giving back to you.

Click here for dates and to book tickets. Bolsters are hot property, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Amy Booth – Co-founder and yoga teacher – Amber Tree Yoga and Retreats