Pregnancy Yoga Video: 4 Videos Bundle

Pregnancy Yoga Video: 4 Videos Bundle


by Bec Simpson & Riss Carlyon

4 x 25 minute online videos (and downloadable)


Creating Space by Riss

This 25 minute practice focuses on creating physical space for you and for your growing baby.  It has a focus on lengthening your spine and opening the side channels of the body.  Designed to bring a sense of ample spaciousness to your interior landscape, space between thoughts and space for what is becoming important for you right now.

Hips & Pelvis by Bec

This 25 minute practice helps to gently stretch the hips and release lower back tension, while also stabilising the pelvis. This is an ideal practice for anyone experiencing pelvic girdle pain, pelvis instability or groin pain.

Awakening the Goddess by Bec

This 25 minute practice “awakening the goddess” is a nourishing, feminine practice that connects you to your body wisdom and natural rhythm.  A celebration of flow, movement and breath to free up any tensions in your body and connect in with your feminine essence.

Calm & Centred by Riss

This 25 minute practice aims to calm your whole system, ground your energy and assist you to feel centred.  It provides a sense of gentle steadiness and strength within.  This practice is relevant for any time in your pregnancy but may feel particularly good in first and third trimesters or you are seeking less movement and more time in postures.



Once you have purchased the online video bundle, you will be emailed a link and a password to access it. Then, you can watch the videos on our website or download them onto your computer to watch anytime.


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