Meddy Teddy has joined forces and is delighted to offer this heartfelt collaboration with “The Golden Thread”.

Amelia Donnelly writes from the heart in this new picture book, which follows a young girl called Rosie learning to deal with the sudden loss of her big brother. Amelia is a primary school teacher committed to supporting the mental health of our youth and this book provides a framework for dealing with challenging emotions.

“The Golden Thread is a soul-stirring story that explores grief and loss in a way that’s real and relatable to children. The thread that connects us to the other side is represented in a way that will help children feel what it means to stay awake and listen in the face of grief. This is an important and beautiful offering.” Elena Brower – Yoga teacher and writer of “Practice You”.

This heart-warming picture storybook addresses a difficult concept for children, but does so in such a beautiful way.

We have come together to extend our support to kids and families in need. When you purchase a Meddy Teddy for $74.95, you will receive a complimentary copy of The Golden Thread and on your behalf, we will donate $5 to the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement to support their work helping little ones in tough times.


Meddy Teddy and Rosie seek to foster a greater sense of calm, connection and comfort for those kids who need some extra love. Purchase your package now.