Let us take you on a playful and soulful yoga journey. This class combines physical asana practice, with a dash of meditation and pranayama. It is an accessible, mixed level class, where options are offered to cater for individual needs. Always a delicious choice! Suitable for new or experienced yogis or yogis who are pregnant or injured.. A nourishing and comforting class to indulge the body and soul.

Forest Dwellers

Between 50 to 75 years of age, according to the ancient Vedic texts, you are referred to as a Forest Dweller!  This class is a gentle class suitable for over 50’s.  The focus is to restore and rejuvenate, finding ease in the body through the practice of yoga.  Beginners Welcome! If you do not quite make the age bracket, but after a more gentle class, come along.

Pilates Plus

A matwork class, mixing the traditional foundations of Pilates with a good dash of functional movement. Deep stretching, isolated activations, myofascial release, functional movement patterns and postural correction all feature in these classes. We play with bands, rollers, fitballs and balance cushions to improve posture and strengthen core.

Restorative Yoga

A deeply nourishing practice where props are used to support the body, encouraging a deep sense of settling, healing and connection. A slower class with long spaces of stillness and silence to absorb and integrate the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.


A 45 minute class that guides you through various forms of mediation, with the aim to bring you to peace and acceptance with your thoughts. Meditation can be practiced in many ways, focusing the mind upon senses, phrases, object, breath, prayer, visualizing images even daydreaming. It is something anyone can do, any time, any moment. During our weekly practice we’ll explore different meditations and adapt them to meet our own life and needs. The practice is open to anyone so if you’ve never practiced before you’ll be welcomed with a full heart.