We have a number of class passes and ways to pay. If you are a new student, please sign up for our Introductory Special offer of unlimited classes for 10 days for $25. You can try different classes and teachers to get a real feel for whether the studio is right for you.

You can purchase a class or pass

  • online
  • cash at the studio
  • credit card at the studio
  • cheque made payable to Amy Booth
  • bank transfer (please ask Amy for details)

At Amber Tree, we want to offer good quality yoga, without breaking your bank.

We understand that how often you practice is individual, differing from student to student. It even changes throughout the year for you, depending on your off mat demands. Some months you make it to class a lot, other months you are overseas sun baking and sipping cocktails instead.

We know each individual has a different budget and that balancing our finances is just as hard as some of the asana poses we practice.

So just like in class, where we give you options for each pose and ask you to use your intuition to choose what serves you the best, we do the same with payment.

You can pay:

  • casual (best if you come quite sporadically or just checking us out)
  • buy a 10 class pass (good if you can make it to 10 classes over a 6 month period and want no pressure, simply come to class when you can)
  • purchase a monthly unlimited pass (no commitment, no sign up, great value if you can make 3 classes per week)
  • or a 6 monthly unlimited pass (the best savings we offer, great value if you can make it to 2+ classes per week)
  • pay for a membership, billed weekly or monthly (come twice a week and you get your money’s worth)


To us and the ATO, it’s the same, but to you, it may make life a little simpler.

Your yoga, your choice.

You can change at any time.


purchase a class pass