Restore – to bring back or re-establish. A previous right, practice or situation.

Repair back to original condition. To give something back.


I ask you, what can you restore in your life? How far have you moved from your centre, your natural state?

Can you take time out and make it priority to come back to your original condition? To give back to yourself and re-establish you?

It seems that the answer is a great big yes. From past feedback of our more nurturing or yin focused workshops, I realized that it shouldn’t be something we see as “indulgent” or as a “treat”, but […]

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The Unbeaten Path

Blind introductions are an awkward affair.

Will the conversation flow? Will there be a rapport? Will this woman, so sincerely described as warm and delightful, wonder why I have been imposed upon her?

When I finally meet with Marg my fears are allayed. Once warmed with coffee and chai tea, our conversation flows and Marg’s earlier nervousness melts away. Mine, too.

Our mutual friend, Marissa, is one of the three yogis of Amber Tree and I’m interviewing Marg for the website. Marg is a long-time Amber Tree patron and, evidently, a special one.

Before our meeting, Marissa tells me a little about Marg. It’s […]

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Community & Connection

There is a couple who have made great impact upon my life. They are beautiful, kind and open hearted. Kindness flows from the warmth of their smiles. I may see them again, or I may not. I don’t even know their names, nor have a means to contact them, yet I treasure every moment I have shared with them.

You see, when arriving at the car park in the city for a regularly attended yoga class, I often see this couple. I have seen them there no more than five, perhaps six times. However, we always say good morning as we […]

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Time to retreat

To retreat, to momentarily take retreat from the regular pulse of life, is one of my greatest joys. For as long as I can recall, I’ve been an observer, a watcher of people and situations and details within simple interactions. The sense of seeing life in its simplicities and glories as they pass by. It was on my first retreat that I experienced deeply being able to observe, bear witness and gain insight to the details of my own situation, my own life so keenly. And it changed everything.

Many retreats later, some attended as student, some as teacher, this delight […]

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Taking your yoga home

Once or twice hanging out with yogis and yoginis, I’ve sensed that a daily practice is held up as a badge of authenticity.  That one must practice daily, intensely and seriously to be respected.  Landing on my mat at home and beginning to play was without a doubt a defining point in my life and in my yoga practice, it was when yoga really began to blossom for me! This is when I began to view yoga as a tool to meet the needs of my body and mind and spirit in each moment.   For me a […]

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