Amber Tree Yoga and Retreats is a Brisbane based studio and retreat company, with a team of wonderful teachers offering regular classes and workshops in the leafy studio in Graceville. We don’t label the type of yoga we teach, it’s just good old fashion, feel good yoga, that encourages breath, movement and belief.                                                                                                                Come join us in a class and feel it for yourself.

The Amber Tree RETREAT approach is all about exploring the practice of yoga with a fun and nourishing vibe. Bec and Amy are both foodies, so we take great joy in collaborating closely with our chefs/caterers to ensure fresh, local, nutritious, gourmet vegetarian food will satisfy your soul. Join us in locations such as Tropical Far North Queensland, Northern NSW Hinterland, Bali, Thailand, New York and Hawaii or design your own retreat …. suggestions welcome! (have passports, will travel!)

Amber Tree Yoga STUDIO evolved from the desire to provide regular yoga classes and continue to grow the community that had begun to emerge from our retreats. Our beautiful Studio Space, in Graceville Brisbane is surrounded by trees and is perched right beside the Brisbane River.  Daily classes and monthly workshops, aim to provide a little dose of retreat goodness without venturing too far from home.